Zenzi Mills


Designed as an adaptive reuse project of a derelict industrial shed, Zenzi Mills is located within the fast changing landscape of Mumbai’s old manufacturing district. The space is programmed as a double loaded bar furthering the ability of congestion around the vast openess of the bar to become a hub or a meeting place . In most similar establishments the bar counter itself usually disappears behind the congestion of people flanking it with only the area above head height being visible. Using that as our cue we designed and built a contiguous connector; a plywood blob programmed to function as bottle display, lighting device as well as a connector handrail for the stair between Zenzi’s two levels.

Project: Zenzi Mills
Location: Mumbai
Area: 5000 sq.ft.
Status: Completed
Design Team: Vinay Mathias.

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Photo credits: Raju Shukla

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