Welspun Corporate Office

The design of most workspaces are plagued by the monotony of the manifestation of notional efficiency. There is enough documented evidence that the happiest workspaces most conducive to creative thinking are those that foster interaction. Our design for the Welspun Energy head office in Mumbai mimics traditional village open space/courtyard structures in an attempt to create non-hierarchical social spaces that encourage dialogue between the staff. Having been given a fit out by the client we were asked to work with a floor plate with no external light or ventilation save for thes southern side which also had the service core. Through a series of work flow associations we then created a node based logic to the articulation of the clients program, while completely subverting the suggested ‘efficient’ layout we received from the client.
Project: Welspun Corporate Office
Location: Mumbai
Area: 400 Sq.Mt.
Status: Completed
Design Team: Karan Bhat, Aparna Dhareshwar, Vinay Mathias

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