The project for a Buddhist Learning and Skill Development center in Sakharwadi, provided an opportunity for us to investigate the criticality of the notion of the regional whilst engaging with the local community. Collaborating with the Hunnarshala team of experts from Kutch we evolved construction techniques that attempt to leverage a local materiality of stabilized earth and thatch with pedagogy of knowledge that is globally informed.

The project is planned around existing trees almost creating pavilions within the dense forestation while the buildings sectionally respond to views of the dense foliage around them. The entire project is designed to be built by local workers and members of the local community trained by master craftsman from Hunnarshala.

Project: Jetavan
Collaborators: Hunnarshala
Location: Sakharwadi, Maharashtra, India.
Area: 1500 Sq.Mt.
Status: Complete
Design Team: Aparna Dhareshwar, Karan Bhat, Kriti Veerappan
Awards: 2A Asia Architecture Award 2016

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