Project:CRAFT Deli
Location:Phoenix Market City, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Area:500 Sq.Mt.
Design Team:Shravanthi Kanekal, Nitisha Raje, Aparna Dhareshwar, Aniket Umaria

CRAFT as a project was conceived to be an antithesis to the typical mall location and of the placeless experiences that dominate mall cultures. To subvert the typical experience of a glass horizontal edge between the corridor and revenue space we used the arcade as a means to structure a reference to the past alluding to the type of a colonnaded walkway that defines a spaces of intimacy, pause and relief from the cacophony of the world outside. The edge is hence crafted through wooden members that pivot and hence through their form define the width of a booth and articulate the double height of the facade. The warmth and intimate scale of the booth is offset by the seamless continuity of the service bar and open kitchen and an alfresco dining space beyond. The Alfresco space itself is defined by a metaphor of an environment of fireflies, tiny lights that create a mystical and surreal enclosure.