Project: Exhibition:In The Name Of Housing
Location:Somaiya Center for Lifelong Learning, Mumbai.
Housing must be supplied not through a few centralized agencies (whether government or big developer) but through hundreds of different delivery systems ? many of which already exist in our society. A Bill Of Rights; Charles Correa. The need for affordable housing in the city of Mumbai is beyond question. Most writing and discussion in the public realm on the subject has focused on the ?How? of Affordable Housing, examining models of subsidy, tenure, and equitable allocation. The focus of our study however, lies in the ?What?. In the Name of Housing documents the typological and tectonic configurations of affordable housing in Mumbai sutured deep within the city?s fabric and history, and presents this as an alternative to the apathetic apartment format of formal affordable housing being built in the city currently. The exhibition attempts to analyze these emergent archetypes using various methods of architectural documentation in an effort to establish a datum from which to project future possibilities.