Project: SARK One
Location: Hyderabad
Area:101170 Sq.Mt.
Status: Completed
Design Team: Viresh Mhatre, Sindhu Vijayakumar, Mythili Shetty, Diane Athaide, Karan Bhat, Ishita Chaterjee, Shraddha Waman, Pankaj Mhatre

Negotiating the Systemic SARK ONE is envisaged as a boutique gated community that is structured at a macro level by a kilometer long landscape strip that runs within it as a green buffer against the harsh summer sun. At a micro level we programmed the individual houses as an agglomeration of outdoor rooms that support indoor functions while following strict program allocation regulated by Vaastu principles (Traditional Building System). These outdoor rooms structure the built form as opposed to the other way around while functioning as climatic devices as well as social spaces. Tightly networked interior programs each opening up into shared courtyards and terraces.