Project:Split House
Location:Panchgani, Maharashtra, India
MEP Consultant:Vinod Menon
Structural Consultant:Kirti Shah
Area:500 Sq.Mt.
Design Team:Nupoor Monani, Vami Koticha, Harshat Verma
The house located in Mahableshwar is a vacation home, which sits on two combined plots within a gated community. The doubled plot size entailed a massing that would roughly be double of what the adjacent houses were. Hence to allude to the scale of houses along the street and to secure the inhabitants of the house from a perceived simian threat, we inverted the traditional courtyard organization and designed a house that splits programs into individual entities hence scaling the house down. This also creates rooms with openings on three sides ensuring better ventilation. Each of the blocks responds formally to the location of a skylight at the apex of the block. The central block that holds the individual programs together is the communal space for the family.