Project: Monisha Jaising Flagship Store
Location: Mumbai
Status: Completed
Area: 465 Sq.Mt.
Design Team:Mayur Salunkhe, Vinay Mathias
Photographer: Raju Shukla

Using the A.P.O.C (a piece of cloth) collection by Issey Miyake from the 80s , as a conceptual starting point, we proposed three multi-operative installations namely a facade, a display system and a ramp/threshold to weave around columns and beams, manifesting as a response to the abbreviated nature of the space rather than a preconceived desire to create form. This installation piece becomes both the string that formally binds the faceted space together as well as holds program like displays for Monisha's signature clothing. The centrepiece of the space are three horizontal ribbons (each 2 6 high) of highly reflective stainless steel that mirrors users in the space, juxtaposing the clothing hung from the middle band against their reflections. The user hence becomes a participant in a dynamic display system.