Project: Exhibition:Projective Histories
Location:SEA College of Architecture, Mumbai.
The exhibition brings together selected projects from almost a decade of practice by the firm sP+a (Sameep Padora Associates). The firms process of design investigation is marked by the large number of scaled models, which are critical tools in the process of formal spatial resolution. The exhibition takes us through this intensive design process with a number of physical models of built and unbuilt projects. Projective Histories: Post-independence our collective attitude to a material history has been either reverential i.e. disconnected from the everyday by deification or dismissive by abolition and laxity, the projects in the exhibition engage with History as a pedagogic instrument of estimation. The projects and through them the design processes of the studio argue for history as an instrument of projecting futures, where history becomes an evolving idea not an excuse for a static craft or program logic. The projects featured in the exhibition attempt to highlight the possibilities that this methodology creates. The principal projects featured here, though differing from each other programmatically as well as in scale and context are a means to read into the commonalities that structure this approach through interpreting and analyzing the history of formal types networks. The format of the exhibition uses the principal projects as a means to explain their conceptual situations and then sets out through subsequent supporting projects evolutionary possibilities within the meta-structure of the principals.