Project: Quarry House
Location: Saipem, Goa.
Area: 1449 Sq.Mt.
Status: Unbuilt
Design Team: Sanjana Purohit, Sameep Padora, Aparna Dhareshwar, Sandeep Patwa.

The quarry house experience begins with a dramatic difference within the same site, resulting in two distinct spatial experience. The entry at the lower level is inward looking, an intimate space with diffused light and a water pool within the vestiges of the quarry floor. On the upper levels, the views of the surrounding landscape and lakes are revealed and suddenly, the house is extroverted. The lower level focuses and celebrates the sites own capacities , reflective bathing pools under the foliage of trees heightening the natural features of the site housing living/celebratory spaces. An elaborate staircase and elevator connect the outward looking family rooms and private living spaces on the higher elevations of the site. The design of the house celebrates the differences of the site without compromising on either of the two distinct experiences.