Project: Beerwah
Location: Kashmir, India.
Area: 550 Sq.Mt.
Status: Unbuilt
Design Team:Archita Banerjee, Vami Koticha, Mythili Shetty

An orphanage for girl children, which also had to engage with the community, this project revolved physically and metaphorically around an educational core of a library. Furthering the ideology of education nurturing liberation and security, the floor levels were staggered, to visually connect spaces, around the library. This ensured the girls were able to keep an eye on each other at all times. The library core also served as a light well, suitably juxtaposed with thick load-bearing brick walls for thermally insulation. The project was envisaged to involve the community. Firstly by using local craftsmen to build based on traditional prototypes; and secondly to provide a space for community events in the future.