Name:Slim City; insterstitial urbanism.
Project:Research, Documentation, Building Community Representation
Location:New Kantwadi Gaothan, Bandra, Maharashtra, India.
Year of Completion: Ongoing
Design Team:Diane Athiade, Saloni Parekh
An ongoing research and spatial documentation project started as an attempt to trace histories of Bandra, a Mumbai suburb where our studio is located. Over the past two years the project first documented the capacity of infrastructure of our everyday lives, markets, open space, affordable housing etc to tactically self organize within interstices of the post colonial city. We then focused our attention further onto the Kantwadi Gaothan that our studio is located in and to begin with a visual narrative of spoken histories from some of it?s original inhabitants. We are currently involved with forming an ALM (Advance Locality Management) body for the Gaothan, beginning an effort to segregate and recycle garbage and eventually to look at issues of public space, encroachment and betterment of the area at large, not just as architects and designers but also involved citizens.