Name: Urban Amphitheatre
Project: Mixed Use Development
Location: S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad, India.
Size: 200,000 sq mt.
Status: Unbuilt
Design Team: Saloni Parekh, Aparna Dhareshwar, Sanam Bauva, Karan Bhat, Ameesh Bhatnagar, Nitisha Raje, Sandy Patwa.

This project questions the type of the typical shopping mall as an introverted box disconnected from its context. We propose a series of 1:12 pedestrian ramps that ascend along the terraces of the stepped volume of our building, hence extending the ground level retail FB programs vertically in effect creating an urban plaza stepping up from the corner location of our site, a quasi-public space open to the city long after the fixed hours of the commercial programs that occupy the interiors. Working with programs that include offices and retail, we proposed an expandable and flexible module open to programmatic change over time. Further two vertical voids drill through the mass of the building culminating in lower courtyards bringing light, ventilation access to the lower public program of the auditorium.