Project : Eau OBar, The Oberoi
Location : Mumbai
Status : Built
Design Team : Vami Sheth, Akanksha Sharma, Archana Menon, Anisha Malhotra

Sitting at one end of the Queen’s Necklace on Marine Drive, newly structured openings to the indomitable view of the Arabian Sea abutting the Marine Drive aren’t the only highlights of the new Eau Bar at The Oberoi Hotel. The golden foliage of an intricate metal tree against a striking red backdrop is the centrepiece of the newly renovated Eau Bar.

The tree of the main lounge is constructed with 800 meters of brass foliage encompassing the bar, a sunken lounge and a performance space under it.  A velvet red fluting of fabric ensures a warm backdrop as well as perfect acoustics for live performances. 

The Eau Bar main space is now flanked by two spatial additional, the first a Private Lounge is the perfect antechamber to more intimate groups and the second, a terrace bar and lounge overlooking the Arabian Sea.

Passing through a door concealed within the fabric fluting, we reach the Private Lounge. A custom designed chandelier extends the language of the Main Lounge into this discreet space while a fluted glass partition animates an impression of lights & movements in the Main Lounge beyond without compromising privacy. 

The Terrace Lounge itself divided into two levels to magnify the idea of a landscaped setting.

The first level holds the Outdoor Bar, against the magnificent backdrop of the Arabian sea sandwiched between lush palm trees & a young Frangipani trees. 

Set in alcoves within a topiary of lush green planting are the sunken black granite seating overlooking the water.

The Eau bar is defined by a palate of fabric and metal, red and gold the and by landscapes both natural and articulated.